Tara Colling R.V.T.

To say Tara is "gifted" is an understatement.  For our staff, Tara has been the go-to person for years, and continues to be.  In her spare time she enjoys reading and movies.  She currently shares her home with her dog, Tifi, and her 3 cats, Shelby, Sienna and Hope.

Kelly Berry R.V.T.

Kelly is an incredibly dedicated individual whose leadership skills and work ethic are a major plus.  As a farm girl, she tended endlessly to the animals.  She graduated from St. Lawrence in 2011.  She has Border Collie and two cats.  Kelly likes hiking, photography, swimming and family.

Elke Conard R.V.T.

Elke is a naturally nurturing person, but with a lot of energy and work ethic.  She graduated from Lionel-Groulx College, and worked at an emergency hospital in Quebec City. Mother of Ariane, Jerome and Catherine, Elke spends her leisure time reading, running or outdoors.

Our Registered Veterinary Technologists...

Mallory Hart R.V.T.

Everyone has their talents, but Mallory excels in many facets; her communication & technical skills are beyond expectation.   Mallory enjoys playing soccer & travelling.  She lives with her  her two dogs (Lily & Lou) and her cat Beaner.  She is routinely fostering animals from the KHS.

Jessica Oliveira R.V.T.

Jessica has been an amazing addition to our team.  Her interpersonal skills and flawless communication give clients a real sense of ease and confidence.  Her affinity for the animals is unparalleled and it shows.  She's into fitness & travelling but hopes to become a "crazy cat lady" when she's older.

Becky Fobert R.V.T.

Ready to take on the world, Becky exudes a passion to do the very best for all the pets she takes under her wings.  Becky is engaged to be married to her boyfriend Jake.  Together they live with a giant rabbit named Bacardi and two horses:  Jose & Birdie.  She loves the outdoors and loves to ride.

Marianne Cyr V.T.

Mari-Ann is a very outgoing person who works hard in every capacity.  She graduated in 2009 from Cégep de La Pocatière and has two German Shepherd mixes named Moka & Sherlock.   Marianne enjoys going to the beach and spending time outdoors hiking.

Courtney Napier V.T.

Coutney is an extremely polite and personable individual.  She is always eager to learn and has exceptional communication skills.  She is married to Myles, has a step daughter Payton and a Rotti cross named Dakota.  Family is very important, and she enjoys ATV'ing, hiking and movies. 

Our Veterinary Assistants...

Trish Stevenson V.A.

One of the kindest people you will ever meet, Trish has a very soft spot for all creatures great & small.  She is currently in school acquiring her Technologist degree.  She lives at home with her husband, daughter, 2 dogs (Figgy & Chompsky) and a cat named Mikey, and usually a foster or 2.

Kayla Jackson V.A.

Kayla is one of the un-sung heroes at our hospitals.  She is constantly helping the veterinarians and technical staff, but most importantly, she is always making sure everyone's pet is warm, comfortable and well fed.  Kayla lives in Landsdowne but frequents Kingston to shop!

Meghan Didier V.A.

There is never a time that Meghan is not smiling or laughing.  Her infectiously positive personality makes her a joy for her fellow colleagues.  Her heart is big and her caring nature make her a natural for our hospitals.  She lives with her boyfriend Keith, and is picture here with her dog Siefer.

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